Long time...no post

Long time…no post I really liked that I was making something which I will be able to look back into; I’ll try to start this over again…but it feels like I’m leaving a big gap behind…so I’ll try to collect some things happend since my last post… I usually written these on the bus going into work…but somewhere around I stopped writing these posts I became a Hive committer and eventually got into the Hive team - this caused a little bit to change life style to adapt to some meetings which were occured later/etc.

esp - pcb order!

After finishing up with all the neccessary features on the breadboard I’ve stucked. There wasn’t really any reason why I slowed down…maybe the winter or the fact that I might order some crap; because my board design is flawed… Anyway…I’ve set some deadline for myself…wrote down some unmet requirements against it (like there should be some hole to mount it/etc)..and finished it. EasyEDA project:haut-generic2 I’ve ordered 3 pieces from a local pcb prototype lab (unipcb) After ordering I waited patiently for it ;) It was not dead cheap - but they have given me a 4th pcb free of charge!

esp tinkering#3 infrared

I’ve wanted to schedule the easier things to later; and after the pir/pwm came the tasks i assumed are easier. Connecting a standard ir reciever is not much an issue - usually; but no matter how i tried it, it just didnt work. I’ve kept circling after a while: check connection, check datasheet, check program, use different (remote/ir reciever/pin). I’ve even checked that the ir receiver works ysing an arduino uno… After 2 wasted evenings…i’ve started feeling the datasheet i was using: a bit wierd…the first datasheet google throw me back(google search for:tsop4838); was a ‘family datasheet’(first hit)…and it contained working conditions of the family as a whole my biggest problem was that my Tsop4838 needed minimum 4.5v to work…but this family sheet said it works from 2.5v….

OpenELEC hardware upgrade

I’m using raspberry pi boards as media center satelites to run openelec/kodi. Some features of this setup: installed directly behind the screen…essentially the hdmi port holds the board ethernet connection central mediadb => stop on device1, and continue on some other device feature I’ve hesitated to upgrade any of these devices: because they worked and i’ve read about rpi3 that it needs 3amps..but since i’ve needed an rpi board for the busyboard project; i’ve ordered one.

esp tinkering#2 controlling a fet

After the pir ride i’ve added the dht - that worked without any issues; the biggest problem was that i was sure i’ve connected it to gpio4…and in reality it was connected to 5…I now have large ESP12E module layout printed out - this will probably prevent mistakes like this. The fet needs pwm control…so I wanted to continue with that. Wiring it up was not much an issue. At first i’ve used the analogwrite function to pwm control the fet - after some loose wire issues I was able to do it….

esp8266 - tinkering#1 PIR

I wanted to start moving my hardware features to the esp prototype… baby steps? I wanted to start with something simple…the PIR sensor is either gives signal or not - that’s simple enough ;) Because I want my new board to be pure 3.3v based - i had some issues that the sensor didn’t wanted to work with 3.3v. However…it turned out; that the board is in fact 3.3v based - and I’ve used a trick to skip the hc-sr501 ’s on-board regulator.

Moving to esp8266

I’ve finished my planned home automation device’s prototype around 2-3 weeks ago…but it looked like I will almost sure will run out of flash space - and will loose ota update capability. While I was evaluating my options someone on #arduino have talked about an issue he is having with an esp…and it turned out that thing has more potential for me than I earlier thinked…I’ve already had an esp01 module in my ‘possibly usefull stuffs’ storage.

Busy board - evaluating options

It helps a lot to organize my taughts - to simpliy just collect all my findings, ideas and such… One of my friends have showed me the idea of “busy boards”…and I’ve kept thinking on it ever since ;) Having the haut project in progress opens up the possibilities to integrate the busy board into the it….which will enable me to add real meaning behind the various switches and such…and possibly enrich the busy board from a static collection of switches doors and etc into a playfield where solving puzzles may switchon a light or anything….i think my baby will enjoy it ;) My earlier plan was to design and build the whole thing in one “pass”, but I’ve kept hesitating….not sure why around that time…to give a better insight what I was thinking about; here’s an (incomplete) list of the features: doors&locks strings, ropes…possibly attached to some small doors..not sure binary-logic section…I think is a must in case I’m building it ;) various pushbuttons and switches phone ;) I think months have passed - and I’m sure I’ve missed 1 or 2 contruction opportunities because of hesitating on all this… Talking this thru my wife finally revealed the biggest flaw in this project (for me at least ;) …it’s a bit too radically “upfront”…in the same discussion Helga have came up with the idea of being more modular….I think that was the thing I missed all along:…the concept of keeping these things incremental.

Operation: cstand ;)

I’ve a little girl…who has some rubber teats which helps she sleeping thru the whole night. But…the best of these devices must be charged prior to usage - lately i’ve spend about 30-60 seconds charging them; but I’ve got an idea to create a “charging station” - from a sheet of paper by using some cad magic. The plan was to create a maimed pyramid - to get some stability; because the top hole should has about ~25mm diameter.

Haut Generic-1

Original plan: create schemantic I’ve met with one of my friend who does have degree in Electrical Engineering ;) And i’ve wanted to ask him to check my circuits…he asked for schemantics - and because the only “real” existing schemantic was already built… I’ve looked for a schemantic drawing tool before - but I’ve failed to find the right one for me. I was very fortunate that I’ve subscribe to ForceTronics on youtube earlier (he makes very good videos in home automation topics…gives a very good presentation about what he is talking about), and I’ve got a notification that he have just published a video about EasyEDA - i’ve considered easyeda before; but around that time it looked a bit too complicated.