vcc corrected max471

I’ve a max471 based voltage/current measurement module from ebay. It’s very straightforward to use it…snap in, measure the 2 AD outputs. But on my desk I power the arduino appliances driectly from usb. And for some reason, I only got 4.6 or 4.7 volts(i’m using some cheap hub). But having lower voltage does matter in this case, because the max471 communicates in analog form. I’ve tried this module earlier and I concluded that the max471 is precise; and works up to specs returning analog values - but I’m not really able to read the correct value; because of the lower VCC voltage.

Ordered items - and their destiny

I always try to don’t buy right away items on ebay - and place them in the cart instead. Because I’m aware that I might be changing my mind in a few days…but after approximatly a week, I submit my orders after throwing out some unneccesary items… The shipping time is usually 2-3 weeks…so I’ve plenty of time to think about it how i will be using the parts. So…in the last couple weeks I reached this ‘buying’ phase at least 2-3 times…and because my plans has changed…nowadays i’m getting packages with parts I might not need (now) ;) I think this can’t be avoided…and those parts might get used in a later project…for example i’ve order a few relays, which are not part of the current basic application plans; But, they might come handy when I get to the window shutters.

Fried pro mini regulator

I’ve tested the nrf24l01 modules on my table…and after they begin to work; I wanted to check that how far I can communicate with it – I wanted to know that I must add mesh tech to things thing or not. I have a bunch of 18650 batteries; with 3-pack battery holders. I estimated the voltage from that to be ~12.6. so I opened up the pro mini info page…even thru they wrote that 12v is the maximal voltage; I tried to open regulator’s(S80E) datasheet…my search pulled up a lot of garbage without results…so i tried to lookup what kind of regulators are on the pro mini-s…i found some pointers in a forum…and finally opened the datasheet - I quickly determined that the regulator is rated to handle up to 16V :) …so i connected the battery pack.

How I started wondering to automate some parts of our home..

Our living room and kitchen is in the same space; they are separated by a half-wall. We have a table in the kitchen; with a smaller tablepiece over it…I wanted to install a led strip under the upper one. I’ve bought the led strip…the power supply for it..and then I was unable to install them; because I would need to replace the existing switch with another one…which is already at a bad position…and because I forgot to buy a box for the 220v parts i needed to install - the whole idea got stuck because of implementation problems.